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My name is Rommy, 29-year-old girl living in Harlingen (The Netherlands – Europe). I started in 2015 with ROMMYDEBOMMY. I studied product design at a Dutch art school but I didn’t felt accepted, so stopped and made the decision to create my own brand. I always have been a girl who doesn’t like the mainstream thing you see on the streets. Making food purses from patterned printing fabrics is to easy for me. I really like to create the impossible. Food had always my biggest interest. I love the look of it. All those shapes, different colours, and textures. It’s incredible! Since I couldn’t find purses who look like real foods on the internet or in stores I started to create them by myself.

I actually get really inspired by pastry chef accounts on Instagram and also Pinterest! I don’t need to sketch before I create the real bag. I just start immediately creating the purse and watching to a picture of the food I found online. All my designs are made from different kinds of clay-foams (hard and soft). It takes a lot of time to create them. That’s the reason why the processing time takes 2/4 weeks. It all starts with an idea than creating shapes, painting, shipping, social media, photography, photoshop etc. Oh, and did I already mention that I do this all by myself? 😉

I just can’t get enough of my work (which I actually don’t see it as work). It’s everything I dreamed of and I can’t believe this is my job. Ideas are popping up every single day and because of that, I create 2-3 new bags in one week.

My designs are full of energy, a complete explosion with a sense of humour. I like to look at products in a different way, and go against the rules because that will create that unique product! <3

Love, Rommy

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