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Rommy Kuperus’ Wearable Delicacies

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Thinking of food has never been so delicious. Can you imagine a place where you can taste all the things you love without ever gaining weight? The answer is given by a talented Dutch fashion designer, Rommy Kuperus, who has brought all kinds of yummy treats into your wardrobe.

According to the creative dresser, leaving her favourite food in the kitchen is quite difficult. Here at SANT Magazine, we are all sure that fashionistas would definitely agree with this statement. However, the trick is not that difficult: just turn the food into wearable accessories. This is what Rommy Kuperus succeeded at doing whilst coming up with her cuisine inspired collection, ‘Rommy De Bommy’. From first courses to desserts, she’s included almost everything in her fashion menu: giant farfalle pasta from Italy, fragrant French baguettes, pieces of cakes and round donuts topped with colourful sprinkles, chocolate cookies, big candies, M&M’s plastic bags, tasty pieces of cheese and, last but not the least, even a large pan filled with fried eggs. The menu, of course, keeps growing with more and more delicious looking things.

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